About us

Towards the turn of the Century, T.D.Y decided to adopt a different business model; It ceased employing its own teams for shipping and moving and started outsourcing these tasks to other companies.

Using this business model, T.D.Y can now focus on the areas in which it can offer the greatest added value to its customers – management of the freight forwarding services. T.D.Y uses its enormous amount of knowledge and experience accumulated during many years of successful activity in order achieve these goals.

Personally knowing most freight forwarding companies around the world, understanding the bureaucracy and financial procedures needed in order to perform these tasks worldwide, T.D.Y can now use its vast knowledge for identifying the best companies and sub-contractors it needs in order to provide its customers with the best services available.

T.D.Y also uses its reputation, its proprietary patents in packing and moving and its excellent safety record to obtain significantly lower insurance rates. This enables T.D.Y to offer not only the most efficient freight forwarding services but also the best prices available.

Together with its strategic business partner in the U.S, TDY Shipping Inc.
T.D.Y also offers the service of moving household goods and personal effects worldwide. Both companies are using their added value in outsourcing and in managing freight forwarding services in order to offer their customers the best, cost effective freight forwarding services available worldwide.